I opened in September 2019 “THE DREAM” was always to have a healthy juice/food bar, which would offer healthy options to my local community. Having worked in London most of my life, I was amazed at the abundance of variety when it came to healthy eating. I could not understand why smaller villages, like mine did not offer similar options.

I remember having a particularly stressful working week, all I craved was something healthy, something that could lift me a little and help me cope better with the stresses I was experiencing, it was then that I made my way down town into my high street, only to find that everything I was looking at was either filled with sugar, contained items I could hardly pronounce let alone put into my body, even in the fresh sections. Not to mention the shelf life on some of these “Fresh items”

I just wanted a fresh pressed, freshly prepared, honest drink or bowl of goodness, nothing more – just fresh and good for me.

My family run a very successful Vegan health bar “The Orchard on Long” in Cape Town, they were pioneers when it came to bringing healthy options to the city. The Orchard on Long was the first Juice Bar in Cape Town. They offer fresh, vegan, high quality products all day every day, no added bullshit, just pure natural goodness, that their customers crave.

I discovered that I needed a new lease on life, I was not sleeping, my eating habits were disgusting, I had no energy, my moods were all over the place, I found myself lost and out of control. As a wife, a mother and a businesswoman I knew it was time to put myself first, therefore It was then that I signed myself up for a 3 week cleanse. I chose a juice cleanse because I was looking for something that could help target my sleepless nights, something that was going to assist me in my bad eating choices and that was going to help me learn to make better choices in the future. I was also looking for a cleanse that could energise me and help with my low moods, something that was going to keep me feeling full and satisfied at the same time. I needed to kick a bad sugar habit and wanted to get my body to function at 100% - Juicing offered me all this and so much more, thus being the only choice for me.

To say that this changed my life will be an understatement, it’s as if I had just discovered living for the first time…… and since then I have never looked back. Feeling completely overwhelmed and completely inspired I then put myself on a course to learn real recipes, true nutrition, and learnt ways to help my body and others living in the millennial climate.

This pathway has taught me about dietary requirement, allergies and body intolerances and has helped me to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle.

I wanted to open a Health Bar/juice Bar that could offer my community the same experience that I had, I wanted to be able to create a space that was bright and airy, a place you could pop into and always be greeted with a smile and a friendly face, a place that does not judge anyone, but that welcomes all with open arms.

But most importantly – I wanted to create a space that was able to offer my community a health option when it came to fuelling their bodies, a place that was suitable for all ages, and offered products that were pure, honest and good for you. It was through this vision and with the support from my family in Africa and here in the UK that this dream of mine was made into a reality.

Blend It was born.