full body - 60/90 mins - £60/£90

back, neck, shoulders - 60/90 mins - £60/£90

indian head - 40 mins - £40

swedish - 60 mins - £60

Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology

Each treatment is uniquely created for you to provide support and relief during each trimester and involves working with high grade therapeutic oils directly onto the skin as well as through clothing according to the situation. Pregnancy wellbeing packages are also available - if interested speak to a member of staff.

60/90 mins - £60/£90

Postnatal Massage and Reflexology

Postnatal issues are helped through a combination of specific massage and reflexology treatments and teaching self- help techniques.

60 mins - £60 | 3 follow up sessions £55

90 mins - £90 | 3 follow up sessions £85

Closing the Bones

A beautiful way to support your recovery after birth, it can create a moment of peace from the emotional ride of new motherhood. When we grow and birth a baby we change and open in every sense of the way, physically, energetically and emotionally. This form of bodywork is designed to close a new mother and return her to her centre. It’s a postnatal ritual/ceremony rooted from traditional Ecuadorian techniques.

£85 for 1/2-2 hours

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

This is a wonderful stress relieving treatment as it combines soothing deep tissue massage, muscle release techniques and with yoga based assisted stretching. Focus is given to the breath which creates deep relaxation as well as restoring the body's natural energy flow - allowing the person to regain their centre.

60/90 mins - £60/£90

Rejuvenation Facial Massage (Natural face lift)

This facial massage uses a combination of techniques to improve the complexion, remove toxins and prevent and remove facial wrinkles and age spots. Its the equivalent of an acupuncture face-lift without insertion of needles!! A unique blend of techniques drawn from Japanese acupressure and facial reflexology.

60 mins - £50 | 30 min follow up £40

Baby massage

Learn a bespoke massage sequence for your baby and a specific digestion routine and some simple baby yoga movements. You will also learn what oils to use and how to create a suitable environment, follow your baby’s cues, learn some relaxation techniques and how to adapt the massage as your baby grows. This is a lovely option for two parents to attend together with their baby. Private classes are ideal for younger babies, particularly if you have a specific concern (such as reflux or colic for example) and would like to start working with them early on. It can also be a lovely gift or baby shower present for new parents.

95 mins - £95
includes a handout and 50 ml bottle of organic sunflower oil

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